Journalistic Articles

'Smart thinking'

Intertraffic World, Dec 2023 (English)

'L'automazione rendera le strade piu sicure'

Automazione Plus, Feb 2023 (Italian)

'Benefícios da IA na manutenção das rodovias portuguesas'

Revista Técnica, Jul-Aug 2023 (Portuguese)

'Europe’s road maintenance gets automated'

Automation Magazine, Jan 2023 (English)

Public Deliverable Reports

Functional and Technical Requirements of OMICRON Technologies

Deliverable Report 1.1, approved Feb 2023 (pdf download)

OMICRON Modular Robotic Platform Prototype

Deliverable Report 3.2, approved Mar 2024 (pdf download)

OMICRON Communication, Dissemination and Engagement Master Plan

Deliverable Report 7.1, approved Feb 2023 (pdf download)

OMICRON Demonstrators Definition

Deliverable Report 1.2, approved Feb 2023 (pdf download)

OMICRON Modular Solutions for Bridges

Deliverable Report 4.1, approved Feb 2023 (pdf download)

OMICRON Project Website

Deliverable Report 7.2, approved Feb 2023 (pdf download)

Academic Articles

Image of an academic paper, including text and logos.

Towards a digital twin-based intelligent decision support for road maintenance

AIIT 3rd International Conference on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (TIS ROMA 2022), 15-16 September 2022, Rome, Italy


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