OMICRON at the TRA 2022, Lisbon

News - Published: 14 November 2022

Join us at the Transport Research Arena 2022 in Lisbon!

The OMICRON project is participating in the largest European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility. The Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference 2022 attracts transport policymakers, practitioners, and researchers from Europe and beyond to present and discuss policy issues, best practices, and research findings across the broad spectrum of transport. The conference also offers the opportunity to network, participate in technical visits, and explore the exhibition.

Participants of the conference can get to know OMICRON on several occasions. Firstly, the invited session and round table discussion, “Innovative solutions for intelligent and resilient road infrastructure management”, takes place on Wednesday, 16th of November, at 15:00 in Auditorium IV. Moderated by Marcell Boviz, science communicator at ESCI, the session aims to tackle some of the industry’s most recent emergent technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and Autonomous Robotic Intervention, to address key challenges in the sector.

Together with OMICRON five related ground-breaking projects (HERON, InfraROB, RESIST, SAFEWAY, and FORSEE) participate and present their advances in the field. Autonomous robotized machinery, modularization of road construction, and upgrade of the management system are some of the concepts that are covered and that these European projects are developing. Their cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing how we think and understand road monitoring and maintenance.

The session consists of two parts; firstly, the participating projects shortly present their developments in the field. The presentations are followed by a round table discussion with four invited stakeholders: Jesús Rodríguez, Rita Moura, Federico di Gennaro and Rade Hajdin. The second part of the discussion is open to the public and the audience is encouraged to engage in the conversation.

On the same day, Wednesday 16th of November, at 10:15, Jose Solís Hernández, the project coordinator of OMICRON, gives a presentation under the subtheme 3.2 Intelligent, resilient, and cooperative infrastructure systems at the European Commission (EC) stand. Together with the presentation, the OMICRON video is being displayed at the EC stand. Furthermore, participants can try the virtual reality (VR) technologies for road workers developed by LMS, OMICRON’s project partner, at the same stand.

We invite stakeholders and interested participants to come and get to know OMICRON first-hand! 


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Discover OMICRON’s Road Inspection System on Horizon Results Platform! 🛣️
It features a cost-effective ...multi-sensor scanner for thorough road asset inspection. Seamlessly integrated into vehicles, it provides high-density survey data for defect detection.👉

At our technical demonstrator on the A-2 motorway in the north-east of Madrid, our V2X communication technologies and ...the inspection vehicle were tested and data was collected to help train the artificial intelligence technologies needed to calculate specific road parameters.🚗🛣️

The web-based VR platform for the teleoperation of robotic resources is tailored for the teleoperation of robotic ...resources in road maintenance. Road operators can participate in interventions remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence on-site.

Our partners tested the versatile OMICRON platform for autonomous road maintenance with reduced risk.
VR/AR supervision... from a cab ensures safety. The platform excels in crack sealing & paint stripping.

Real-world tests validate our tech, stay tuned for a refined prototype! 🚧🛣️

OMICRON utilises robotics, automation & digitalisation to elevate road maintenance. These technologies, tested in ...Valencia, include:
🚧Modular Robotic Platform enables diverse interventions.
👷AR aids road workers.
🛣️Digital solutions improve surface pavement replacement.

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