OMICRON First External Advisory Board workshop

Event, Workshop - Published: 7 March 2022

Online workshop on April 5th at 9AM

OMICRON – Intelligent Road Asset Management Platform

The OMICRON project invites stakeholders in Road Inspection,  Maintenance and Construction and related professionals to come and join us for a discussion on the project, its solutions, universal challenges and solutions in the sector. The event will take place online, on the 5th of April, at 9 AM.

About the External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) will advise the OMICRON consortium on the technical developments and their commercial direction, focusing on the (business) relevance of OMICRON´s solutions  for  governments and road authorities, infrastructure managers, contractors and operators, engineering companies, etc. The members of the EAB will complement and enhance the already existing profiles in the consortium.

The EAB will meet 2 times per year at important decision points in the project, through online workshops. Before each EAB event, a background document on the topics to be covered will be provided to the members. During and after the events questionnaires will collect the EAB members´ feedback. Then, a report on EAB contributions will be prepared and distributed to OMICRON and EAB members. A repository will be available to upload and share the documents between all EAB members.

Jesús Rodríguez will act as chairman of the EAB and he will lead this network of external experts connected to OMICRON.

About the OMICRON project

OMICRON aims to foster the industrialisation and automation of road construction, inspection and maintenance technologies to improve safety levels, increase the availability, reliability and capacity of the road network, reduce traffic disruptions and lower construction and maintenance costs. This project involves 16 partners of 7 European countries and its demonstration is planned in five TRL 7 pilots in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

As an innovative and multidisciplinary project, OMICRON gathers a broad variety of the latest technologies in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, digital inspection technologies, dedicated terrestrial inspection vehicles, V2X communications, robotics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools, Machine Learning and smart construction. All these technologies are unified to develop an Intelligent Road Asset Management Platform to address the needs of road design, construction and maintenance processes, generating a step change towards the automation and digitalisation of the current Inspection & Maintenance processes.

Details and registration

If you are interested in OMICRON, you can find more information on the Project and Solutions pages of the website. For more information on the event and registration, please send an email to Jesús Rodríguez (jesus.rodriguez[at]



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