Save the date! ‘Old Roads, New technologies’ conference January 2025

Event, News - Published: 1 July 2024

Roads are the lifeblood of the modern society and economy—for daily commuting, weekend getaways and the smooth transport of goods. But Europe’s roads are old. To safeguard their future by monitoring and maintaining their condition in ways that support public and road-worker safety, the EU-funded projects OMICRON and InfraROB have developed various intelligent road asset management solutions. These will be showcased in a one-day, free-of-charge conference that welcomes representatives of transport authorities, road operators, construction companies, engineering and material supplier companies, research entities, associations, media organisations, policymakers and anyone else who’s interested in finding out more. Save the date and come and join us in Madrid from 09:00-18:00 CET on 16 January 2025!

The event ‘Old Roads, New Technologies: safe and intelligent road asset management’ is co-organised by OMICRON and InfraROB. The EU-funded HERON project will also feature during the day, along with an exhibition of key technologies from all three projects.

This EU ‘sister-project’ collaborative event will highlight mutual areas of focus and the benefits of project results, extend discussions to include relevant issues and guest speakers, and will consider potential next steps for Europe’s roads.

The day will explore relevant project and bigger-picture developments following four key thematic areas:

  • digital inspection technologies, e.g. using UAVs or car-mounted equipment;
  • smart construction, e.g. of bridges and urban pavements;
  • predictive maintenance, e.g. with a Digital Twin and Decision Support System;
  • smart intervention, e.g. with the support of virtual or augmented reality (VR, AR) and robotics.

The preliminary agenda is under development and will be shared in a further announcement in the coming few months.

Why take part?

‘Old Roads, New Technologies’ will be the final event of the OMICRON and InfraROB projects. The day will include:

  • opportunities to network with diverse experts from among the project consortia and participating audience, representing all kinds of players in Europe’s road sectors and value chains;
  • the chance for direct information and follow-up about the solutions presented;
  • the opportunity to contribute to wider discussion that could help set the agenda for future collaboration and developments in the relevant sectors;
  • experience the historic Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (College of Engineers for Roads, Canals and Ports) in the heart of Madrid.


Participation is free of charge. Only registered participants will have access to the event. The event will be face-to-face only, without the possibility of live online participation, though materials such as presentations and (possibly) session videos will be published afterwards.

  • Registration will open on 16 September 2024 and will close on 9 January 2025 at 23:59 CET.

If you have any questions or otherwise wish to contact the organisers, please email:

Spread the word!

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In our recent meeting, hosted by @RegensPlc, OMICRON partners reviewed progress, enhanced our collaboration, had fun in... a communications workshop & planned the final technical demonstrations of our #technologies for #future #roads inspection & maintenance. 🛣️🗣️🤝

In our recent General Assembly, OMICRON partners who work on our #digital solutions supporting #future automated #roads... inspection & maintenance took a close look at the #data needed to integrate those tools in our September final demos.

More details soon! 😉

OMICRON aims at reducing the exposure of personnel to traffic and improve road network availability. 👷‍♂️🛣...

To do so, our project develops an array of robotic solutions with drones and automatic inspection vehicles to make road inspections fast and safe.


OMICROM’s AR tools provide real-world awareness, with models and text overlaid on AR glasses/tablets. These tools ...ensure step-by-step instructions, real-time road data via V2X for improved efficiency/safety, and refined HRI for seamless operations.


Hosted by @RegensPlc in #Budapest, OMICRON partners met this week for productive discussions: · Technical testing, ...current results
· Final demo (Sep)
· Final event — date saver soon!
· EAB call 3 Jul — details & invites soon!
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